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Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

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Saturday, August 20, 2011

special parts as a loot drop?

Another jaunt through Get Satisfaction, and another great idea...some days are like a treasure trove! And other days are just depressing... but I digress - check out this idea:

Michael, the OP, suggests making Special Parts either lootable or else a fight loot item. It would certainly ease some complaints about constantly having to collect crap in the game. I like the idea about special parts being a fight loot item. I can think of some friends *coughLisa* who are always in need of more special parts.

If you agree or have a similar idea. be sure to "like" Michael's thread, and click "Me Too". Those are the numbers Zynga needs to see.

news on the official FBMWAddon

I have seen many people asking about where to find updated or working versions of FBMWAddon. Many who use the add-on were probably aware that the script's author found himself without a working computer, so the script hasn't truly been updated in some time.

Different "back-ups" have come and gone, so I was looking for the most recent reliable version to make a post on. Le Trainspotter clued me in that the Dakam, the script's author, has just in the past several hours posted a note.

He's gotten another computer, and will be working on an official update :)

UPDATE: new version is out now

Power Packs replace Stamina packs

One question that I am hearing a lot of is, "Where did stamina packs go!?" It seems, in their infinite short-sightedness, Zynga removed the option to send Stamina packs, yet didn't bother to roll out the Power packs to everyone. Way to go Zynga, that was pretty mean to some of your players.

Hopefully everyone will have the Power packs this coming week.

But to answer another burning question: the power packs are to replace the stamina packs. Or as the official blog put it, the stamina packs have been "upgraded" to power packs. I was kind of mad about this when I first realized it, because they said that stamina packs were here to say. But when I thought it through - the power packs ARE an upgrade. 120% stamina every 8 hours, versus a stamina refill every 16 hours? Plus the opportunity to use the power packs for healing and extra health if you want.

Yes, I'd agree, the power packs are an upgrade!

20 August - FAN BLAST - Attack Point

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Friday, August 19, 2011


Zynga has decided that the XP ratios in the new Brazil District, Smugglers Haven, are too high, so once again they're being adjusted. Isn't this the second adjustment they've made so far? Well, at least they're increasing the loot stats this time. I guess it Z's way of apologizing for flubbing up again. I just hope they don't nerf the drop rates too.

Here's what the support page has to say about the XP update:

Experience update for Smuggler's Haven

One of the things that makes Mafia Wars so much fun is that it is a living, evolving game. We work hard to release a lot of exciting content and extensively test every feature and event prior to release, but sometimes imbalances don’t become apparent until those features are in use by millions of players.

Unfortunately, the XP/energy ratios of the Smuggler’s Haven Secret District is one of those cases and we have determined that they need to be adjusted again this afternoon to preserve the balance that keeps Mafia Wars fun for everyone.

The ratios will be closer to those found throughout the rest of Brazil. We want to apologize for the inconvenience, so as a consolation, we will be increasing the stats of the loot received in Smuggler’s Haven.

We hope you enjoy the better loot!

The Mafia Wars Team

This is the support link for info on the Xp update for Smuggler's Haven

If you'd like to rant/rave or give them a pat on the back (LOL) follow this link:

19 August - Collector's Edition Dragon's Might - Second Batch

Collector Edition
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There are 5,000 up for grabs for 35 RP each.

ETA...this item is actually 46 RPs due to the addition of 6 energy skill points.

19 August - Collector's Edition Dragon's Might - First Batch

Collector Edition
Visit the Marketplace to get in on today's Collector's Edition Item

There are 2,000 up for grabs for 35 RP each.

Sold out? Another 5,000 go on sale at 9 AM Pacific

19 August - FAN BLAST - Skill Point

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Shocking New Marketplace Loot

There is a new crate in town and it contains some charged up loot.  You can find these crates from the banner ad on your homepage:

Or from the crate section of the Marketplace:

Thanks to the Spockholm Inventory History marklet I noticed some new toys in the cupboard tonight:

A closer look shows some pretty neat items...

Then there are the rest of the new toys....

Looks like there is some more inventing to be done in the Marketplace this week?

Revenge Achievement

I was roaming through Get Satisfaction this evening, and ran across what I thought was a really good idea. You be the judge.

The OP actually has a few ideas, but I really liked this one:
"Every time somebody steals an ice we have our chance at revenge, so I'm thinking that . . . could be an achievement"
Check out Paul Scioli's ideas HERE.

What do you think about the Revenge Achievement idea? I really liked it. Stolen ices are the usually unintentional result of more than one attacker trying to ice the same target. This happens a lot when players show up on the fight list - it makes sense, if you think about it.

The term "stolen ice" has been around for awhile - long before the advent of the new fighting system. It happened when you're attacking a target, and suddenly the Attack Again option disappeared. In the new fighting system, we now know WHO got the ice - and the opportunity to attack  live, fighting target for a chance to ice them :0)

War Assist Timer Incorrect On Some Accounts

War Assist Timer Incorrect On Some Accounts

When the Warlord 2 and 3 achievements came out way back at the beginning of May I had issues with my timer being incorrect. It would say that I had already participated in my 5 wars for the day and give me a time when I could do one where I would get the helper rewards. I soon noticed that after waiting for however long was given that instead of being eligible for the helper rewards I was given the same message and a different amount of time to wait (usually longer). This happened over and over. I contacted Customer Support via chat twice about this and each time I was told that it was passed to the devs to address the issue.

During the second occurrence of this phenomenon I checked to see if I would get the rewards for helping despite the message, alas I did not.

Now it is August and I am getting this message again. I've seen posts in my feed by other bewildered players all questioning if they helped in more wars than they thought.

On the 15th I didn't help on any wars because I couldn't get into them fast enough as is usually the case. I was trying for hours. Finally at 2 am on the 16th I found one and got the message that I had already helped in 5 wars and that I had to wait for 10 minutes. I went to bed.

At 7pm on the 16th I found a war that wasn't over by the time it loaded and I saw the message yet again and this time it said I had to wait for 7 more minutes. I decided then that I needed something more than just screen shots of those messages.

I kept trying for three hours to get into a war that I could participate in. As soon as I found one I opened Mafia Wars in another tab to my profile and scrolled down to where my war assists number is. I made sure to hover my mouse over the time so that the date would show in my screen shots.

At 10:19 I was told I would not receive a helper reward again for 46:44.

My profile shows 973 War assists at the same time and date.

Almost an hour later at 11:14 I am told I have to wait for 50 more minutes.

Again I opened Mafia Wars in another tab and I am still showing 973 assists.

Over 24 hours later I still haven't helped in any wars, this time I made sure to not even click on a single post. I declared two wars and had one declared on me that I was fortunate Brad C. caught in time for me to be able to win. At 11:55 on the 17th to my surprise and growing frustration I have the message AGAIN and again with different time.

And look at that, my war assists are still showing 973 after over 24 hours. You can see that my wars won has increased by three though.

So why, if I haven't helped anybody am I getting this message? Why is this happening to only some and not others who haven't helped in 5 wars. Is this perhaps part of a greater issue that has been surrounding the War aspect of the game of late?

18 August - FAN BLAST - Stamina Point

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

New Hospital - It's a Pack heal Pack World!

With the addition of the power packs the Hospital has a new look and some new features:

Use Pack - refills your health all the way to 200% of your maximum

Buy - refills your health just to 100% of your maximum

RP for health? I have no idea what that button does... oh my no!

See that little bitty text... it tells you that your health is refilled... no timer on healing again as long as you are full health.

If you are in the fight screen and want to heal you will see this:

Not sure why I would want to send a power pack from there... but that is thoughtful of them. Notice no options for $$$ health refill?

Once you use a power pack you will see the timer until you can use another one when you try and heal while fighting:

But still no option to spend $$$ ?? At least it is still in the main hospital link:

Nice that it makes the distinction between the 10 min pack timer and the regular hospital heal timer.

All of this is separate from the Stamina side of the Power Pack... that timer is on the home page where Misty showed you in her Power Packs post:

 If you are a fan of the Friendly Game Simplifier (FGS) you will be happy to hear that these new Power Packs are already waiting in the gift send area!! But I digress.... but I LOVE FGU sooooo much!!! Finally FGS is as timely as possible without killing their Dev team!!

powerpacks = mystery boosts

If you don't have the Powerpacks on your Mafia Wars homepage yet, and one of your friends sends you a powerpack - better not accept it. Not unless you want a Mystery Boost instead :-/

This was a Power Pack I accepted from the Facebook Gifting area... it would have been #11... it turned into a Mystery Boost as well... not a Mystery Bag.

I had no option to return since I had sent one to Read earlier.  ~Nancy

Power Packs

There's a new Pack in town, this one's the Powerpack. It just started hitting some accounts within the past few minutes, so don't worry if you don't have it yet.

Once the power packs hit your game, you won't be able to miss them. There's the obligatory Mafia Wars home page banner - from here you'll be able to ask for Power Packs via a news feed post to your friends.
"Power Packs can be used to recover Health or Stamina. They can be used to gain 125% Stamina every 8 hours, or 200% Health every 10 minutes, and you can store up to 10 at a time."

You'll be able to keep track of how many power packs you have in the progress box. You can have up to 10 at a time.

 You can also send them as free gifts from the Free Gift page. So ya'll get to sending me some packs! :0)

Big thanks to Nancy and Rebecca for answering my bat signal <3