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Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

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Saturday, October 22, 2011


According to a post on the forum, the issue with being able to request specific parts such as tombstones, reciprocating saws, and plaster for your Cemetery is now FIXED.

I've done some quick testing of this, and that does appear to be the case BUT. It doesn't look like we're able to post for specific parts multiple times like we used to. Thanks for nothin', Zynga.

You can still use the General Parts Request numerous times using the Mission Crew Link bookmarklet. See HERE to learn how.

Continue building your Cemetery with Mission Crew Link bookmarklet

As we all know, the posts asking for specific build parts for your Cemetery, such as Tombstones, Reciprocating Saws, and Plaster, have been broken. Supposedly, Zynga pin-pointed the issue last night, yet here we are nearly 24 hours later. No word from the moderators and certainly nothing's been fixed in the game. Kinda sh*tty of Zynga, if you ask me.

Some of us have been using the Multiple Tab Method to ask for general parts over and over again, but there's only so many tabs you can open before your computer gets pissed at you. That, or Shockwave crashes. Which is what just happened to me. So I was happy to read a post be G(R)eek at MWM explaining how to use Spockholm's Mission Crew Link bookmarklet to continue generating posts for general parts. It also circumvents the timer (for the time being), so you don't have to wait 8 hours between requests for help, and you don't have to deal with multiple tabs, and you don't have to deal with a script that runs continuously while you're playing Mafia Wars.

Go to Spockholm's experimental page, and install the Mission Crew Link bookmarklet. To run this bookmarklet, you'll need to unframe your game first. If you don't know how to do this already, then you'll need to go HERE and install their Unframe bookmarklet. I'm assuming that you'll already know how to install Mafia Wars scripts to your browser; if you are not, ask a friend or ask me.

When the script is loaded, click the button for "Any Part".

Now this box will load on your screen. You can either copy the short link and share that on your Facebook wall, or you can click on "Post to wall".

"Post to wall" will generate the actual post, which you can then publish to your news feed as you normally would. Then you can close the script and go on about your game.

Bear in mind that 5 people can click on each post. After that, you can simply generate another one. No more waiting 8 hours, and no more multiple tabs!

I don't check out scripts as often as I used to, and I probably would not have known about this otherwise, so thanks to Mafia Wars Maniac for the post!

Why crime sprees shouldn't have been removed

So here I sit, 295 XP needed to level up. I'm not going to waste a power pack or an energy pack here, and I'm not going to waste my fighter's energy refill. Using the toolbar bonus would be wasted. I likewise can't use a Vengeance pack because more than half of it would be wasted.

I'm not going to sit on my news feed and pray for job helps to give me a dinky 2 or 18 experience points. Here I could have used a few crime sprees to level up and keep playing, but instead, I'm about to log out and go play Sims 3.

Great job, Zynga. 

Speed Build Timer Issues

Some players are reporting that if they use reward points to speed build an item in one of their New York properties, the build timer also resets on their OTHER properties. This should not be the case. I've seen this reported on the forum, and now someone in my Family is experiencing this as well.

Zynga, naturally, can't seem to figure out how to reproduce the issue. Are you having this problem too? If so, you should report it, but keep in mind that you'll need to explain the problem to them as you would to a three year old. Drawing pictures might help them understand better.


I'm not sure where this extra attack skill point originates from, but it works, so grab it! Thanks Sudesh for pointing this out.

Preview the limited time property Botanical Garden

Within the past few days, we've started seeing images of the next limited time property floating around, the Botanical Garden. The buildable items can now be found by searching your inventory, so you can get a preview what items we'll be able to build and their stats from the Botanical Garden.

If you check your Inventory, you'll now see these items. The Botanist is in the Henchmen category.

The Man Eating Plant is a weapon. Not really great stats on this thing, eh?

The Poison Vine is also a weapon. More meh stats. The Botanist is the only item with decent stats, it seems.

Credits to Mafia Wars Loot Lady and members of the community for originally snooping out the Botanical Garden, and credits to Mafia Wars Collectors for the item stat images.


It takes clams to make it in Chicago, Mafia Wars' newest city. Here's 5 to 12 of them for being a fan! <-- Claim your FREE CLAMS!

Thanks...I think. It was bad enough being surprised with Rifle Rounds for our daily fan blast, but the apparently the Zynga fan page thought it'd also be a great idea to us some useless clams. At least, they're useless to me, and especially in such a negligible amount.

Try again, Zynga.


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Free Fanblast Point
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Zynga on my pizza box

On Fridays, my husband and I sometimes indulge in fast food. Pizza usually doesn't top the list, because I make a kick-ass home-made pizza when I get in the mood. Cooking is another hobby of mine, besides Mafia Wars.

Local pizza chains have been advertising some great sales around here lately though, so today the husband-person opted to bring home a specialty pizza from Pizza Hut. It was pretty yum. I got my 2 slices and a beer and played Mafia Wars as usual.

I never paid attention to the pizza box, but a little while ago my husband pointed it out to me. "Did you know Zynga was on the box?"

Why no, no, I didn't! And sure enough, that stupid dog was on my pizza box!

Just think, if Zynga had done better things with Mafia Wars, Mafia Wars would be on my pizza box...

Friday, October 21, 2011

Blackout Assassins fight against breast cancer

The Blackout Assassins group of Mafia Wars players is hosting a FFA (Free For All) on a special Facebook page they are using this month in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Today through Sunday October 23rd , they are inviting one and all to drop by their wall to participate. Not interested in an FFA? How about if I told you there are Zynga game cards being offered as prizes?

My friend Jocelyne G. also said there will be a surprise 4 hour event sometime during the FFA in which "the person(s) who ices the most pple with 'B" and 'T' at the beginning of their MW name (not red tag ) will win, all ices must be posted on the wall in order to count ( B stands for boobies T for [ta-tas] lol )."

There are two game cards at stake, one for first and second place. 3rd place will get high-end loot.

I also asked Joce to explain how an FFA works:
A FFA ( free for all ) is where everyone battles against everyone. We drop our tags at the door, I will ice my GF and he will ice me, no animosity, hit everyone that posts ices on the war page (Switch is important tool as there is no spread sheet when it comes to these events). We don't target out one individual, everyone is fair game, keep it respectable but friendly banter is welcome.
Additionally, their wall will be open until November 1st if you wish to continue posting your ices, hellos, and support there. Stop by and pay your might get the chance to ice me, too!

Can't ask for Cemetary Parts

Many players are reporting that when asking for the individual build parts needed to upgrade their Cemeteries, respondents are getting the message that "this post has expired". Some members of our Family had this problem, and now I see that many others are also reporting the same thing.

Apparently, this only applies to the posts that ask for specific parts such as Tombstones, Reciprocating Saws, and Plaster. The post that can be generated from your Mafia Wars home page does NOT seem to have this issue.

I don't know if Zynga is aware of this; they've got something on their Customer Support page about players not being able to upgrade properties, but the answer doesn't seem to apply to this situation at all.

For now there's not much you can do until you're able to ask for general parts. Remember that you can open multiple tabs and generate the help post numerous times as long as you do so before actually publishing any of them. Then you can leave the tabs open and publish the posts one by one until you have what you need.


Need something else to spend your Mafia Wars reward points on? Yeah, me neither.

At any rate, Zynga wants you to spend reward points on the latest Collector's Edition item, the Gunsmith. It has stats of 68 attack and 143 defense, and will cost you 46 reward points. It does offer +4 attack. 

+Attack 4 Attack
There's still plenty of them left, but quantities are limited.

It seems to me that these collector's edition items are selling out slower and slower.


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