Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

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Saturday, October 29, 2011


Free Rifle Rounds
Free Clams
Family Boss Fights can be pretty tough without some serious firepower.
It takes clams to make it in Chicago, Mafia Wars' newest city. Here's 5 to 12 of them for being a fan! <-- Claim your FREE RIFLE ROUNDS! <-- Claim your FREE CLAMS!

3 free spins
3 Free Spins

Friday, October 28, 2011

New Chicago Districts

Last night, three more districts opened in Chicago: the Ballot Box Distillery, Lakeside Docks, and Crosstown Showdown. I have dusted off an E-ho and am slowly making my way through the new districts to check them out. What is the best ratio you have found thus far?


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3 Free Spins

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Free Fanblast Point
Today's Free Point. <-- Claim your FREE POINT and

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3 Free Spins

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Zombie Apocalypse FAQ

The Zombie Apocalypse is upon us! Put your fighting skill to the test in a battle for humanity.

Fight as either a Survivor fending off the Zombies or as a Zombie trying to turn Survivors into Zombies. The Zombie Apocalypse Fight Event starts on Wednesday, October 26th, 2011.

Your alliance is assigned at the beginning of each season; each season ends when the Zombie contamination has overwhelmed the game. Your alliance is identified by an icon next to your name and your screen border theme.

Earn Mastery tier items by icing other players - Survivors and Zombies, though scores are greater for icing those on the opposing side. There are many opportunities, depending on your score, to collect loot drop and mastery items for both sides, which are granted at the end of each season. Collect the final item in each Mastery tier to claim the reward and move on to the next; there are four tiers - Bronze, Silver, Gold and Ruby. Master both sides in order to become a stronger fighter

Q:  How is it determined whether I will be a Zombie or a Survivor?
A:  Which faction you fight for is determined randomly at the beginning of each season.  You will fight the entire season as the faction that you were assigned at the beginning.

Q:  How long will each season last?
A:  Each Zombie Apocalypse wave, or 'season', can last from several minutes to a few hours.

Q:  How many seasons are there?
A:  There are not a pre-determined number of seasons. Each season will end when the Zombies overwhelm the game.

Q:  How do I earn the most points?
A:  You will earn more points by icing those on your opposing side.

Q:  How many mastery levels are there?  
A:  For this event there are four levels:  Bronze, Silver, Gold, Ruby

Q:  What are the number of points that I will need to earn for each mastery level?
A:  Each player will begin the season with 0 points.  The chart below shows how many points that you will need to for each level.  Remember, the seasons vary in length so you should ice your opponents as quickly as possible!

 Q:  Can I earn mastery for both Zombie and Fighter?
A:  Yes!!  To become a stronger player you can earn mastery rewards from being either a Zombie or a Survivor.

Q:  What if I don't want to be a Zombie?
A:  There is will be an antidote available for 7 Reward points that will cure Zombification as well as any new outbreaks for 2 minutes.

INFECTED: another wave, and Zombified iced posts

If you are curious about the new zombified iced postings in your news feed, don't get too excited.

You only get the same lame liquid courage boost. I'm already way over the new pretty pictures and back to being sick of my news feed being flooded with useless posts.

First the end was near, but now there's another "zombie wave" and I'm human, so I guess these are going to be ongoing the entire time?

Updated Collector's Edition Items Schedule

Collector's Edition Items
According to the following post by Zynga, we won't be seeing a Collector's Edition loot item this Friday or Tuesday. Hmm...wonder why? But, I guess there will continue to be collector's items for November, as well.
We have discovered an error in our previous Collector's Edition Item Schedule Update post. Contrary to what was previously reported, there will not be a Collector's Edition Item released on Friday, 10/28. The next Collector's Edition Item will be available on Friday, 11/4, which means there will also not be one on Tuesday, 11/1. We apologize for the error in our reporting. Below is the updated schedule for October. Stay tuned for the November schedule to be posted mid next week.
- The Mafia Wars Team

October Collector's Edition Item Schedule
Tuesday, 10/4:
Red Wolf Exo Suit
Red Wolf Exo Suit Friday, 10/7:
Cruise Rider
+5 Stamina
Cruise Rider
Tuesday, 10/11:
Sniper Gear
Sniper Gear Friday, 10/14:
Heavy Plated Patroller
+10 Health
Heavy Plated Patroller
Tuesday, 10/18:
Crowned Crane
Crowned Crane Friday, 10/21:
+4 Attack
Tuesday, 10/25:
Bulletless Friday, 10/28:
No Item

INFECTED Mafia Wars Zombie Apocalypse begins

The Zombie Apocalypse is upon us! Fight to save humanity!

Start as a Human Survivor, but if iced by a Zombie you might become one! Your side is designated by an icon next to your name and a themed screen border.

Earn points by icing other players, and extra points for icing players of the opposite allegiance. A reward is granted at the end of each wave (~30 minutes) based on your allegiance and points.

Event runs Wednesday, October 26th at 1 PM PST and runs for about 10 days.

I got infected pretty fast!
 You can, of course, use reward points to buy antidotes.

 The points legend will be at the upper left of your fight list.
You'll know who's who by the unmistakable badges identifying which side they're on--human or zombie.

 Even fight result screens have been altered for this event.


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3 Free Spins