Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Thursday, November 1, 2012

On The Double 2x Property Build 6pm PDT 11/1

2x Global Property Build tonight 6-6:30 pm PDT

Accounts Rolled back, players losing out 11/1

We have several players reporting that their accounts have been rolled back several days and that their progress on the many different events in the game has been lost. Of course, with so much going on in the game, Customer Service has been slow to reply to these players or has not replied at all (yet)/ We will keep you updated as we get more information.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

New VIP Loot dropping 10/31

White Panther, animal [107/154]

Falling Star, weapon [157/108]

Fishing Vest, armor [154/107]

Flight Steward, henchmen [154/107]

Cutting Edge, weapon [106/155]

Orange Squash, vehicle [156/107]

Gondola Man, henchmen [106/156]

Big Huge, vehicle [108/157]

***UPDATED*** Memento Mori: One more event 10/31

There are none of our usual question marks 

to click to get more information on this event yet, but here is what we have so far.

Powercards Begging!

Powercards: collect 10 each from jobs and fighting, 15 from collecting from friends posts in feed, 15 from your feed posts to collect up to 50 per day. Looks like the new whatever it is will open in 5-6 days.

What we collect them for:

***** UPDATED*****
After I collected 20 of the Power Cards I collected the bronze Abetter and clicked "Go to the Arena"

It took me back to the big page and it had a fighting prompt:

Click 5 times to kill, so I did! And this is what happened next:

When we have collected 50 of the Power Cards we get the Abetter silver tier [140/185]

Then we get to click 5 more times

Which opens up the graphic a little bit more:

When you collect 100 Power Cards

You will get the Gold tier Abetter

Followed by 5 more clicks

Which leaves us with this:

When you collect 150 Power Cards you will get the Ruby Abetter

Go to the Arena to do your 5 clicks

Which then opens this up a little more

After collecting the 230 Power Cards necessary to finish this up

Collect the Emerald Abetter

We get to click 5 tiimes once more

So that we can see... coming soon. Normally when Zynga does an enormous build up to the grand opening of something like this, it's a huge let down for me. We'll see.

Why this looked familiar to me?  London Will Burn Continued with the disappearing parchment.
Maybe we are getting a new city. We'll see!

*****END OF UPDATE*****

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Werewolf Armageddon has come to pass 10/30

Werewolf Armageddon has finally begun!
Earlier Post Werewolf Armageddon Coming Soon 10/28

This is great, but it doesn't really tell me where to get the boost items without spending Reward Points.

Then open some mystery bags!

The Rewards are:

When I started out I got this banner at the top of my fight page. I see the Form Revealer and the Silver Bullet (which is still showing as the *old* silver bullet for me most of the time)

Now I am a Werewolf:

Silver Bullet?

What it looks like when you get a Silver Tier Hunter
See how you can Buy the Wolfsbane or the Werewolf Fang? 

I also enjoy whenever Zynga starts something new and they don't check every little thing and I get one like this:

Oops! That Monster Hunter sure looks like a Werewolf!

Happy Hunting!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

***UPDATED*** Werewolf Armageddon: Coming Soon 10/28

Eternal Moon, Ruby Level, armor [varies]
***UPDATE*** Scroll down to Wolfsbane for update ***UPDATE***

This morning a new banner popped up in-game, and we waited all day to see what exciting new loot items would show up in the inventory. Here's what we have so far:

Werewolf, Ruby Level, henchmen [varies]

Monster Hunter, Ruby Level, henchmen [varies]

From the giant letters on these guys, it looks to be much like last year's

We have three items with no attack/defense values, probably boosts or items needed to continue fighting

Click Here to add WOLFSBANE to your wishlist
Remember to be sure you have an open space on your wishlist first!

Form Revealer

Werewolf Fagn

We hope to have more information for you very soon!