Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

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Friday, November 23, 2012

Vendredi noir... quel desastre! 11/23

Black Friday, what a disaster!

In less than 12 hours, Zynga, Facebook and Mafia Wars have been working hard to alienate their own, very loyal, customers, again.

Several members of my Mafia Wars Family and other players have been so excited about the %60 Off Reward Points Black Friday Sale that they either a) Ran right out and bought Zynga Game cards at a local retailer or b) purchased on line Reward points, only to discover that:
They were now Facebook credits, and that Zynga or Mafia Wars was somehow unable to recognize their purchases.  There have been many exchanges between these players and Customer Service. As far as I can tell so far, there is still no resolution.

60% off Reward Points 11/23

Black Friday 60% off Reward Points LIMITED TIME



Well, I told you it was coming in my last post so don't kill the messenger! Yes folks, on top of Mafia Poker, IceBoard, Arena, Secret District, Robbing Spree, Timed Mission Event, The Raven, we now have a new property to complete. Or get to level 11 or 12 with the time and limits on parts collection they impose hoping you will pay the monthly VIP VIG (Vigorish Or VIG)  for the added perk of a few more days, of which, I have heard, your mafia cannot help you with anyway when the event shuts down for all but VIP. Here are a few of the items you can build up to that might be worth your time depending on how your building your character:

I am going to try and shoot for the 6 energy. However it is doubtful I will make as I have only made it to level 12 on the last 2 as I refuse to set a STOPWATCH for begging. Admittedly I was diligent and although I was I would have never made it to 15. Maybe its me, I don't know. (Probably me, I am sure some of you are more on the ball with this stuff) These properties have their advantages. For the new or newer players it affords them options without the cost of parts of which can set many people back when wanting to build for the skills these properties offer. So far as I have seen the last 2 properties have offered resource stats which can really help players who are focusing on Attack and Defense. It can balance out the need for energy or stamina. 

I hope you make it to the level you desire! ~Billy

PS: Event Overload got you stressed out? Remember, this is only a game. You can walk away if you find yourself stressed out. If you need assistance:   ;-)



As the Clock struck twelve we were presented with another pay to play optional Secret District, THE GRIFTER. I Do not do these as they usually fall within a week of a open secret district. Now for some of you out there this may be a great way to maximize your accumulated or purchased RP in the form of converting them to the Skill points. This is a full 4 tiers and Job list. Which, for the Cost, outweighs purchasing Skill Points from the Marketplace. Add to that the decent loot if you are not VIP and it is worth the cost. So if you have the RP on hand this might be a great way to increase your stats for low cost. Of course you have to have much of the other things completed, or near completed but having 10 to 20 events at once is the name of the game. They have made it clear, (or deflected from the fact that there numbers show a increase in sales when they overload us, due to the methodical manipulation of the social and consumer mindset.) that they like to have all options on the table for the various ways people play. 

I know, LOL. 

Oh yeah. Stay tuned because we have more overload news to share in the form of a new LIMITED TIME PROPERTY. ~Billy

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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Black Friday Vengeance Sale Event 11/22

Because there just is not enough going on in the game... another sale event

As you purchase items, the little bar in the middle will fill in, first to Bronze, then Silver, and so on.

Read The Small Print!

Items selling for less than 5 RP, Treasure Chest Items and Skill Point Reallocation do not count toward the prize... as usual. 

The Reward! Mrs. Lead, weapon [varies]

Wednesday, November 21, 2012



As if they are deaf, dumb, and blind to our pleas of Event Overload, there is a new Timed Mission Event. Space and Miles. It is opening up with a pretty easy mission if you have resources to expend. I for one like the theme of this mission, as my life is nothing but Space and Time. So I will be trying to complete this to gain the loot item.



So lets take a quick recap of whats going on in the overload world of Mafia Wars. We have the New Secret District, we have a Robbing Spree that is now based on Energy, we have a Secret Mission, and some of us have the Arena, of which I plan to avoid at all costs, when it finally rolls out to my account. Classic Zynga. All designed for you to scramble to the marketplace to get RP to help complete the cluster, especially if you have designed you character around Attack, Defense and Stamina. Remember friends, this is an experiment in the exploitation of the consumer mindset and the ego! So, in closing try to stretch those resources and save your RP for 2x builds increasing your statistics or resources, which are always the best bang for your buck and accumulated RP.


One caveat here though. They do give us a fair amount of time to complete these missions. As stated they are on the tail of many other events, usually, and they have a decent loot item being dangled in front of you like a digital carrot. So, what I like to do is use the system to my advantage. Usually the secret district offers you a decent ratio Job. I like to get all the loot that I can, usually up to where the 5 skill points have been awarded. Then I take the district to gold. Bouncing off that job (2.33) I take my exp to about halfway. Then, because I am stamina heavy (having built with the flow of the game) I will level off Stamina, collect my points. From there I will burn energy doing the Mission Jobs that require energy till it costs me about 5 RP. Ill pay to conserve the energy. Finish any stamina required jobs in the missions collect the reward, then use whats left of energy if any, burn my stamina and level again. For me, it is worth paying to save the energy to level and gain the 5 SP and any decent loot the mission may offer. That is what I do, may not be your cup of tea, or even a perfect system, but I am a completion addict with these mission and districts. I guess I get a charge out of completing them without having to have forked over my hard earned cash to do so (What am I saying? Of course I do, no guessing there).One thing I have noticed is that these cluster of events usually happen right after a 2x build. Gee, I wonder why that is? 

Good Luck, Have Fun!~Billy

What's for sale today Marketplace 11/21

To help raise funds for we are being offered this Grevy's Zebra for $3.00  (or 6 for $15.00)

Street Race Crates: 1 for 12 RP or 3 for 35 RP

What's inside a Street Race Crate:

Common Items:
 Blue Blade, vehicle [189/144]
NoS Tank, weapon [189/144]
Lethal Chassis, weapon [144/189]
Uncommon Items:
Aftermarket Dealer, henchmen [149/204]
Rally Rapid, vehicle [149/204]
Speed Demon, henchmen [204/149]
Rare Items:
Camoface, armor [159/219]
Grid Girl, henchmen [219/159]

 Limited Edition Loot

Lakester, vehicle [136/208]
Chinkara Deer, animal [208/121]
Jungle Foot, vehicle [103/154]
Tupi Hunter, henchmen [161/109]

Moonclaw, weapon [208/135]
SG-21 Silent Strike, weapon [154/103]
Bomberpilot Jacket, armor [103/154]
Tap Dancer, henchmen [135/207]

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

New Iceboard, New Rewards


Another rounds of the ice-board is available. The Idea is you get onto the top of the leader-board by having the highest number of ices within a week, and you get rewarded with a loot item. After which the cycle repeats:


The loot available is pretty decent stat wise. I personally do not worry to much about this as I go where the ratios are best, for me, after my 150 family ices I usually go rob. But this loot is pretty tempting to go after. I have read around that you were able to remove people in your mafia if they were ahead of you on the leader board, thereby placing you in position to get the loot. Several reports show that this may not be working. If you are in a family full of Monster players who ice at will, you would be removing and adding all day long. Its worth a try if you have just a few players in your family that can ice effectively and they are one or two places ahead of you.

Good luck! ~Billy

Poker Season 9 11/20

Poker Season 9 is on so be ready for the next flood of Poker Cards!
I am already seeing complaints about the odds of winning hands (as usual).

It will take a lot of these to win the top rewards in this, and with so many events going on at once, I'm not sure if this is going to be one of my favorites to do this time.
The rules of the game appear to be the same.

The hand rankings appear to be the same.

The Reward: A Janitor, henchmen [varies]

As you may or may not know you can collect up to 250 cards a day or gifting cycle.  The amount of cards needed to progress through this may not be worth the effort for the loots item. Collectors, of course will want to watch the amount of cards they take in so that you do not miss out on the daily points and boosts from the mystery bags. Even one stat point is better than 1 loot item.

***UPDATED*** Robbing Spree Season 5 11/20

Robbing Spree Season 5 is upon us!

Prepare to collect as many Cable Crimps (consumable) as you can. I suggest collecting around 100 before attempting the Robbing Spree. Then you can clear the entire board the first time around.

How it works:
Robbing Spree now using ENERGY not STAMINA

Robbing Spree now uses ENERGY not STAMINA

How to get those Cable Crimps:

The Rewards for successful Robbing Spree:
Bearded Saki, animal [varies]
High Beam, vehicle [varies]
Bullet Belt, armor [varies]

Monday, November 19, 2012

When The Wild Strikes Secret District 11/19

Today's adventure is a new secret district, When The Wild Strikes (Brazil)
Beg for 2x Loot drops and Red Devil Durian 

Collect 10 each, 25 each and 50 each of the following:
SG-21 Silent Strike, weapon [154/103]
Bomberpilot Jacket, armor [103/154]
Jungle Foot, vehicle [103/154]
I suggest staying in the Bronze Level to finish collecting these items so as to use the least amount of energy.

There will be bandits!

The Jobs:

Reward for completing Jobs

Bio-Warhead Base, weapon [varies] (Ruby level shown)

The Boss Fight: Defeat Joao Paulo Maicon

The Boss Fight Combos

The Reward for beating the Boss

El Diablo Machetes, weapon [varies] (Ruby level shown)

Other Loot Items Dropping here are:

Tupi Hunter, henchmen [161/109]

2x Global Property Builds 10-10:30 am Monday 11/19

On The Double 2x Global Property Builds 10-10:30 am on Monday 11-19-2012

Sunday, November 18, 2012