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Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Street Race Crate Bundle Sale 12/8

For the low price of 135 Reward Points you can get this Street Race Crate Bundle. This new Bundle idea has Zynga by the short hairs, and they will bundle pretty much anything at this point, if you are willing to part with some cash for the items included. I am not so inclined this week. 

The top item that they "assure" you will get is one Camoface, a nice piece of Armor with very nice numbers. Here are the other items you could get in the Street Race Crates.

Common Items:
Blue Blade, vehicle [189/144]
NoS Tank, weapon [189/144]
Lethal Chassis. weapon 144/189]
Uncommon Items:
Aftermarket Dealer, henchmen [149/204]
Rally Rapid, vehicle [149/204]
Speed Demon, henchmen [204/149]
Rare Items:
Camoface, armor [159/219]
Grid Girl, henchmen [219/159]

Writer's Mystery Bags are back 12/8

Writer's Mystery Bag are a lot like Vacay Mystery Bags and Athlete's Mystery Bags collect up to 20 per day. Limited Time Only, so send them now!

The Special Loot Item for these bags is a Biographer, henchmen [133/179]

Collect up to three Biographer per day.

Stranger's Swag 12/8

Today's Stranger's Swag is a Meow Fist, weapon [175/110]

Collect up to 5 

For The People Build Event 12/8

In their usual "one month after the fact" timeliness, Zynga has begun a new event "For The People" Limited Time Beg and Build Event

We will be collecting Parts (Vote Badge) 

These instructions are weirdly vague while attempting to be extremely specific (again) so let's see what they *might* be trying to explain... 30 parts from friends clicking on your feed, okay... 10 parts per day by clicking on your friends feed, okay... and what the hell is that, get up to 5 per day from jobs (2/5) that makes no sense at all to me so I am *GUESSING* it is up to 45 parts per day, 30 from friends clicking your feed, 10 from you clicking their feed, and 5 more from jobs. Moving on...

Build a Liberty, animal [varies]
or build a Fifth Freedom, vehicle [varies]
Each build the number of parts needed will go up. I'm guessing I will collect a lot of parts before I begin building and will probably build the Liberty because of the attack points gained versus the energy points on the Fifth Freedom.
Have fun!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Arena Mega Pack 12/7

This ranks as number one item on my "crap I won't buy from Zynga" list. $79, %60 off of what? Puh-leeze!

I already can't stand the stupid Arena and even though there is this mind-numbing Luchadora Arena Event  I still don't want to purchase this chunk of junk. I haven't read any rave reviews of the Arena yet, and haven't heard from anyone of the magnificent benefits it gives out, and I don't see it helping my red-tag family so, still, no sale, but thanks for the offer, I guess.

2x London Mastery Limited Time 12/7

Nomad Spider, animal [77/155]

London 2x Mastery has 6 days left, so if you are in a huge hurry to save on energy in the  New London Districts 9 & 10 , now is the time to finish up.You also get a shot at some nice loot, a Nomad Spider!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

*** UPDATED*** Daniella Deuce Family Boss Fight 12/6

Family Boss Fight has finally returned!

Best Loot Item is

Gaboon Viper, animal [204/204]

 Unless something has drastically changed on this boss fight, I imagine the {M} family is still not using *any* bruisers at all, mostly Racketeer, to keep stamina use down, and arsonists to keep the damage up.

\Beat the Boss to get yourself a Gasolina, weapon [121/172]


Boss Fight Combos

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Luchador Arena Event 12/5

Get yourself a Luchador, henchmen [varies] by fighting in Arenas.
Only 9 days and 4 hours from now to do whatever this thing is supposed to be....

I have to be honest, I just got this new feature, I don't like it, it doesn't make sense to me and the explanation for it was so long I lost interest about 2 pages into it. I'll give this puppy a try just to see if I can get the Luchador, but I'm not excited about this garbage at all.

On The Double 2x Builds 6-7pm Pacific Time 12/5

On The Double 2x Global Property Builds 2 for the price of 1 tonight, 6pm to 7pm Pacific Time

The Perfect Cover Up Sale Event 12/5

A seven day sale event.

During the A Royal Flush sale event back in October is when the price was raised from 40 RP per deal to 45 RP per deal, but Zynga *is* giving some skill points with each purchase this time.

Ventriloquist, henchmen [142/202]
Haircut, weapon [202/142]
High Sailor, vehicle [142/202]
Bar Headed Goose, animal [203/143]
Seasoned Spray, armor [142/203]
Plucked Fresh, weapon [203/143]
Corrupt Governor, henchmen [203/142]

For each 315 Reward Points spent on this deal (all seven days)  you will recieve 28 Skill Points and 28 Loot Items. Good luck!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

New VIP Loot Dropping 12/4

Stopping Power, weapon [161/111]

New VIP Loot is dropping in fights!

White Raven, animal [158/110]

Silver Wolf, animal [111/161]

Physician, henchmen [109/160]

Black Heart Vest, armor [160/110]

Explosive Stick, weapon [159/109]

    Mono-man, vehicle [109/159]

Reverse Arm, armor [110/158]