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Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Welcome Back to the Family 10 Powercards 12/15

Welcome Back to the Family: 10 free Powercards

This would be even better for a lot of players if they bring back the Arena Stamina Refill Build

Writer's Mystery Bags are back (again, again) 12/15

Writer's Mystery Bag are a lot like Vacay Mystery Bags and Athlete's Mystery Bags collect up to 20 per day. Limited Time Only, so send them now!

The Special Loot Item for these bags is a Biographer, henchmen [133/179]

Collect up to three Biographer per day.

Let The Ices Begin: Family Ice Season #3 12/15

Sheldon's girlfriend Amy catches butterflies in Mafia Wars?
Family Ice Season #3 is on!

A Family Ice Event: Get some ices now!

The Rewards: A Blackwidow, animal [varies]
The First Place Family will get a Butterfly Catcher, henchmen [213/213]

***UPDATED*** Jingle Physics Mission Event 12/23

Jingle Physics Mission Event: 

Mission #1:  A Package

Part 1: Ice 6 Opponents in London. Very simple.
Part 2: Rob 30 times in Chicago. Very simple too.
Part 3: Loot 10 Blind Tiger from job "Collect from the Construction Firms" clicking "Go Now" will take you to London, District 2. At Ruby level this job will cost 486 energy per click.
Rewards for Completing: Cannon Fist, weapon [132/194] (experience will vary)

Mission #2: Two Mob Bosses

Part 1: Get 2 Crew Members. Click Ask Now and send some Mission Crew requests out. 
Part 2: Win 40 Fights in London. Very simple.
Part 3: Declare a War 1 Times. Once? Okay, once.
The Reward for completing: a Bombastic, vehicle [131/193] (experience will vary)

Mission #3: Three British Hens

Part 1: Ask for 3 Twisted from Mafia. Post a beg to feed.
Part 2: Rob 50 times in Brazil. More stamina burning.
Part 3: Collect from your Sports Stadium 2 times. This will take me 16 hours, since I just collected.
Reward for completing: a Drummer, henchmen [193/132] (experience will vary)

Mission #4: Four Calling Cards

Part 1: Loot 20 Ballistic Face Shield from job "Run Your Empire". Clicking "Go Now" takes you to London District 5, this job at Ruby level, will cost me 1.08K energy per click and $ 0.57 L.

Part 2: Build two vehicles in your Chop Shop. I'm going to have to wait a while since I just did this before I got this mission. This can take 36+ hours.
Part 3: Loot 15 Shoot n Slice from fights in Brazil
Reward for completing: 2 Pairs Cutproof Gloves, armor [194/133] (experience will vary)

Mission #5: Five Gold Rings

Part 1: Loot 25 Gin Miller from job "Order a hit on disloyal associates" Clicking "Go Now" takes us to Chicago, district 3. At Ruby this job costs me 864 Energy per click.
Part 2: Clear 2 Robbing Boards. Clicking "Go Now" takes us to Brazil Robbing Boards. Easy peasy.
Part 3:  Help in a War 4 times. Also very simple.
Reward for completing: One Bombastic and one Drummer.

Mission #6: Six Hawks Tailing

Part 1: Build 2 Weapons in the Weapons Depot. This can take up to 36 hours, unless you want to spend the Reward Points to complete early.
Part 2: Loot 35 Duet from job "Retire to the Isle of Wight" Clicking "Go Now" takes us to London, district 7. This job, at Ruby level, will cost me 1.24K energy per click, and I am guessing I will only get the Duet every-other click at best, so this one is going to cost some energy cuz I am surely not spending 53 RP to finish early.
Part 3: Ice 15 Opponents in Brazil. Easy peasy.
The Rewards for completing: One Cannon Fist and one Bombastic (experience will vary)

Mission #7:  Seven Lethal Wolves

Part 1: Get support from your mafia. Send out mission crew requests.
Part 2: Rob 60 in London. Simple and easy.
Part 3: Declare a war 3 times. Simple & easy. Can take up to 24 hours.
Rewards for completing:
1 Dummer, henchmen [193/132]
1 Cannon Fist, weapon [132/194]
(experience will vary)

Mission #8:  Eight Stool Pigeons

Part 1: Loot 30 Razor Sharp from robbing. This part was completed when this mission popped open.
Part 2: Acquite 10 weapons. Clicking "Go Now" will take you to the city store, where you can purchase the 10 weapons needed.
Part 3: Win 65 fights in Brazil. Easy peasy!
Rewards for completing: One Cutproof Gloves and one Bombastic (experience will vary)

Mission #9:  Nine Parties Crashed

Part 1: Collect from your Headquarters 4 times. This will take up to 32 hours.
Part 2: Ice 40 opponents in London. Very simple.
Part 3: Ask for 8 Twisted from your mafia. Posts a beg on your feed.
Reward for completing: 1 Tufted Deer (experience will vary)

Mission #10: Bonus Mission: Ten Family Stooges

Part 1: Acquire 15 Weapons: Clicking "Go Now" takes us to the Brazil City Store, where we can buy these. Simple *and* easy!
Part 2: Win 125 fights in London: Very easy.
Part 3: Take Out Vince Giorgio: Clicking "Go Now" takes us to Chicago Fight list: scroll down until you see him. 100 Stamina per attack: Take him out 10 times to complete.

Reward for completing: 1 Tufted Deer (experience will vary)

Mission Event Grand Prize: Tufted Deer

Stranger's Swag 12/15

Today's Stranger's Swag is a Mountain Lion, animal [174/109]

Collect up to five

Friday, December 14, 2012

Mech My Day Collection event 12/14

Bloodlust 03, armor [220/119] Event Mastery Reward 

We will be collecting Titanium Chain, 4-8-16 each 
On Day 3 we will be collecting LRM-X2, 4-8-16 each
On Day 6 we will be collecting Hyperglove, 4-8-16 each

These items are also Boosts, you can see them in Inventory under boosts:

What we're getting for all this collecting:

Machine Gun Array, weapon [varies]
Stack Launcher, weapon [varies]
Mechtonic Pilot Suit, armor [varies]

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Arena Stamina Refill Build with Powercards Now! 12/13

Powercards will build Arena Stamina Refills Limited Time

Each Refill will cost 16 Powercards

For 80 Powercards, I got 5 Arena Stamina Refills

High Rollers Pack: Golden Armor: Wireless Security System 12/13

The loot items aren't that great, the prices are really not that great. An awful lot of people must be buying up everything Zynga has been bundling, because they just keep adding more bundled up crap.

High Rollers' Pack: 
Highest  Stat item is the AC-Nexus at [229/240] you will get *one* of those. That is the best part of the deal.  Yes, it *is* less expensive than buying each item separately, if you were going to do that in the first place.

Golden Armor, a Bargain for the entire Family: No thanks 

Collector's Edition Wireless Security System: No Thanks

I don't think these numbers will hold very long, there will be a higher loot item in 14-21 days and this one will be useless as well.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

New Secret District: Anchors Aweigh (London) 12/12

Anchors Aweigh

Begin begging for 2x Boosts and send out as many Treble Hook as you can!

Always my favorite part, the collection for skill points:
Sentinel, weapon [157/106]
Dockyard Worker, henchmen [157/106]
Sea Sole, armor [106/157]

Collect 10 each to earn 5 attack points.
Collect 25 of each to earn 5 defense points
Collect 50 of each to earn 5 skill points.
As per the usual, I will suggest remaining in the Bronze level in this district until this collection part is completed.

There will be bandits, and most likely, a couple of those Bonus Jobs with about 10 minutes to complete them.

Reward for completing Jobs: A Tall Bouy, vehicle [varies]

The Boss Fight: Defeat Capt. Wayde Trawler

The Boss Fight Combo's

The Rewards for defeating Capt. Wayde Trawler:
Deadeye, weapon [varies]

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Collector's Edition Item & Collectible Stat Cards 12/11

Say Cheese, weapon [241/241] from Escapist Collectible Stat Cards

To gain a little perspective on the recent Epic Item Rush and how great are these stats on the Say Cheese in a Collectible stat card item, I looked back at Warpath Collectable Stat Cards Sept 17  the item available there was an Archer, henchmen [230/230]
I suppose if you are really into these cards, and you are getting one item for every, how ever many cards one has to buy to get this item, these numbers are good.  But they're not worth it to me to toss a bunch of cash at. 

Grey Rhea Collector's Edition Item

If you're up to spending 46 Reward Points for *one* animal, you go right on ahead. I'll be back here watching. I'm opting out of spending any more than what I do on VIP, and maybe the 2x Global Property Builds